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In the fourth quarter issue 2020 of the UHM Journal (46-5) we represented the NNT number (number-needed-to-treat) as “three (3)” rather than simply “3.”

This appeared on Page 727 in the letter from Richard Clarke, CHT, National Baromedical Services, entitled “HBO2 for radiation cystitis.” The corrected section should have read:

“Although not reported, the ‘Number Needed to Treat’ (NNT, an epidemiological measure used to communicate effectiveness of an intervention, and representing the average number of patients needed to be treated in order to produce one favorable outcome) was computed as an encouraging 3. This value was the same for the subjective Expanded Prostate Index Composite (EPIC) and objective Late Radiation Morbidity Grading Scheme (LRMGS) scores, rounded up by convention from 2.56 and 2.17, respectively.”