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UHMS Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Program

Certification of Competency and Credibility

UHMS Accreditation means that your facility has met the highest standards of care and patient safety through our rigorous evaluation of the adequacy of your facility, equipment, staff and training to ensure that the utmost quality is maintained within our specialty. UHMS is committed to providing, promoting, developing and raising the quality of care across the spectrum in scientific communication, life sciences and clinical practices of hyperbaric medicine by promoting high standards of patient care and operational safety. If your facility is part of this elite group, congratulations! If not, let us help you get started.

  • UHMS Accreditation is the gold standard in hyperbaric facility accreditation (HFA) and the UHMS HFA program has surveyed and accredited over 267 facilities in nearly 20 years
  • The UHMS HFA program is the only hyperbaric specific accreditation to be recognized by The Joint Commission as a Complementary Accrediting organization under the TJC’s Cooperative Agreement Initiative

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Latest News

UHMS Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Program (HFA) announces the launch of the new secure online platform for electronic submission of all facility accreditation survey documentation. It will be located on the HFA page on the UHMS website along with the instructions.

HFA Application/Presurvey Questionnaire (HFA SA/PQ)

You will now be able to submit the application, presurvey questionnaire, and additional required documents in one place. We will receive them once the “submit” button is clicked.

​Applications/Presurvey Questionnaire submitted via email or U.S. Mail will not be accepted.

For further information, please contact:

Derall Garrett

HFA Director
877-533-8467 x106

Beth Hands

HFA Coordinator
877-533-8467 x105


Mayo Clinic Rochester

"Our team began multiplace clinical operations in 2008, and we added a monoplace chamber shortly thereafter. We have grown into a very diverse, busy practice serving a large volume of patients for all HBOT indications. This includes complex hospitalized patients with advanced airways and on a ventilator. Our goal has always been to follow the principles of evidence-based medicine with a paramount emphasis on safety of our staff and patients. Following the UHMS guidelines, my predecessor Dr. Paul Claus and our team designed a solid system of staffing, policies, procedures, and compassionate patient care. They achieved accreditation by the UHMS within 2 years of the founding of the program.

We recently completed our fourth survey, which resulted in our unit being awarded accreditation with distinction for the 3rd time in a row. Personnel and standards change, but each survey provides us the opportunity to fundamentally test the foundations of our program, strive for constant improvement, and to keep up with the most up-to-date guidance from the UHMS. The accreditation process is not easy, nor should it be. Nevertheless, the advantages of meeting the high standards of the accreditation process pay great dividends. I would implore every hyperbaric practice to engage in the process—your program will reap great benefits from formal UHMS accreditation."

Gary Toups, M.D.

Memorial Herman Hospital - Texas Medical Center

"At Memorial Herman Hospital - Texas Medical Center, the Hyperbaric Medicine Department is but one of multiple distinguished centers which adhere to specialty accreditation. It is important to promote Hyperbaric Medicine by recognizing, participating in, and advertising official UHMS accreditation.

The standards set by UHMS assure we maintain a holistic practice. The seal of accreditation obtained from this rigorous, voluntary process distinguishes our center to our colleagues as well as to the community, as a center that is professional, adheres to best-practices, and places the highest value on patient care and safety.

In addition, the department engages in quality improvement, provides a variety of educational opportunities to medical trainees and to the community to promote Hyperbaric Medicine. Our staff work hard and consistently go the ‘extra-mile” to be a ‘step-above”. The With Distinction process rewards and encourages those extra efforts and is a title we display with great pride."

Joseph G. Nevarez, MD - Medical Director

"Our program began in 1989 at Memorial Hermann- TMC. We want to ensure we have policies in place that allow us to provide exceptional care to our patients. Using the UHMS guidelines we have developed several operating processes helping ensure safety and high quality care in every facet.

We obtained our first accreditation in 2003, and most recently in 2020 received Level 1 accreditation with distinction. We learn more and more with each survey allowing us to reach our full potential by challenging the normal process and thinking on a larger and well-defined scale. The accreditation survey is challenging and vigorous, but well worth it. I am so proud of the work the UHMS and MH team have both done to commit to providing excellent care."

Antionettia Lindsey, RN, MSN - Clinical Manager

"We have had a 24/7 multiplace program at Memorial Hermann for 32 years now, as you would expect having a program for this long you would have staff and leadership changes, after our first accreditation in 2003 the UHMS program has put us on a regular schedule for accreditation inspections which give the staff (new or old), guidelines for how to operate and maintain a safe and successful

hyperbaric program and helps keep us up to date on new or updated guidelines and regulations. The way UHMS has created the point system for distinction enables programs to push harder to achieve this title, which when you are promoting your program instills a sense of pride in your staff and a feeling of safety in our patients."

David Baylor, CHT - Safety Coordinator


  • A printed copy of the UHM Journal
  • Free one-year individual membership for those facility employees who have never been a UHMS member before
  • Get listed on the upcoming UHMS facility map with referral access
  • Become a part of a network of accredited facilities which have demonstrated operating at a higher level


(New structure fee effective January 2015)


  • Application Fee: $2500 (Non-Refundable, due at the time of application)
  • Survey Fee: $7500 (due 30 days prior to the scheduled survey date*)


  • Application Fee: $2000 (Non-Refundable, due at the time of application)
  • Survey Fee: $3000 (due 30 days prior to the scheduled survey date*)


The following fees will be applied to the invoice. Please include the following amounts USD for the wire processing fees.

  • Domestic wire: $15.00 per transaction
  • International wire: $20.00 per transaction
  • Credit Card Payments: 2% per transaction


Examples of significant change include:

  • Relocation or remodel of a facility
  • Change in service offered
  • Merger or joint venture with another organization
  • Change in key facility personnel

Failure to notify the UHMS may result in the loss of accreditation. Depending on the nature and significance of the changes, an interim site survey may be required to maintain accreditation.

*Failure to remit final payment 30 days prior to a scheduled survey may result in cancellation of the survey. Applications already submitted for 2015 surveys will be honored under the current policy. Please do not hesitate to contact Derall Garrett, CHT, ( or Beth Hands ( if you have any questions on the improved policy.

Further information about facility accreditation is available from the UHMS Director of Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation:

Derall Garrett, CHT
Director, Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Department
Toll-Free: 877-533-UHMS (8467) x106
Direct: Tel: (210) 404-1553 x 106
Fax: (210) 404-1535