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Associates of UHMS

Mission Statement

The Mission is to provide a forum for communication among individuals involved in basic and applied studies concerned with life sciences and human factor aspects of the undersea environment and hyperbaric medicine. To promote cooperation between the life sciences and other disciplines concerned with undersea activity and hyperbaric medicine. To develop and promote educational activities and other programs which improve scientific knowledge of matters related to undersea and hyperbaric environments and the accepted applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the membership, as well as physicians and allied health professionals, divers, diver technicians, hyperbaric technologists and the public at large.

Do you have questions about your compliance with clinical practice and facility safety? The UHMS offers a helpful panel of experts that can answer your questions or to you can choose to use the keyword search for common questions. Be sure to check out MedEdOnline.

As your elected Associate Council, we want to hear from you with your questions and suggestions. Please feel free to email us anytime so that we may assist you. You can find our contact information on the Associates Council Officers page.

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