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Clinical efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) is defined as unexplained hearing loss of at least 30 decibels (dB) occurring within 72 hours over at least three contiguous frequencies. ISSHL is common and has a significant effect on quality of life. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy is a medical treatment method that aims to increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the tissues. Correcting perilymph hypoxia is the goal of HBO2 therapy for ISSHL. In recent years, HBO2 therapy has been increasingly involved in the treatment of ISSHL. The medical records of 135 patients who had received HBO2 therapy for ISSHL were reviewed. Demographic properties of patients, severity of hearing loss, delay until HBO2 therapy, number of HBO2 therapy sessions and outcomes were evaluated. Findings of the present study are similar to most of previous studies that demonstrate that HBO2 therapy as adjunctive treatment results in an improvement of hearing. Early treatment is important for ISSHL, and HBO2 therapy is recommended in the early period, particularly within 14 days of onset.

DOI: 10.22462/01.03.2020.6