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Why should I be a member of the UHMS?
Published: 23 March 2015
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Why should I be a member of the UHMS?

If you’re involved in the practice or delivery of undersea and/or hyperbaric medicine (UHM), you should be a member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), the specialty society for the field of UHM. The organization works closely with its recognized international affiliates as well as other like-minded organizations with a stake in the science and delivery of UHM.

The UHMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is purely scientific in nature. It is one of a handful of organizations in the world that are focused on keeping our specialty and field vibrant for patients and practitioners. The UHMS continues to shoulder the burden of producing the scientific rationale that allows the field to progress.

Without a strong UHMS, your voice becomes diluted and potentially lost, as the field is under attack globally from regulatory bodies and payors.   

We are focused on developing the most up-to-date systems, platforms and processes that will provide our members with sustained value and help propel the Society forward. These systems/platforms will host the newest programs launched by the UHMS.

This includes:

  • • the new UHMS PATH-CAQ program;
    • the new maintenance of certification/MOC program platform;
    • the new ASM abstract submission database;
    • a new Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation (HFA) platform using iPads, online submission of the HFA application; and more.

Online programs

Additionally, we are launching new online programming on a regular basis. There are new online clusters being released regularly, enough to fulfill the UHMS and NBDHMT annual educational requirement of 12 CE requirements per year. Check out the content on the UHMS’ courses web page

Educational discounts

Another strong benefit of membership is the discount on both live and online educational programming. If you’re an Associate member (non-physician), annual savings in online education will more than pay for membership costs.


Facebook, website and blog

Associate Members are provided access to the UHMS’s Facebook Associates page, where they are able to communicate with a larger audience and peer group. Plus the general UHMS FB pages, the website and blog all contain important info for all members.

A new area of the UHMS website that members will find extremely beneficial is the Quality, Utilization, Authorization and Reimbursement Committee page - This portal contains current information on regulatory and payment topics. If there is policy change looming, the information will most likely be here. Remember, members need to log in to view content in these sections.


If you are not aware, the UHMS has launched its own version of ‘ask-the-experts’ - Named MEDFAQs, this platform represents a valuable tool for members. We are really excited about the types of questions being submitted and the level of detail in the answers from some of the most prominent thought-leaders in the fields of undersea and hyperbaric medicine.

The UHMS strives to inform and reward its members. Below are some of the benefits and activities of the UHMS.


More Benefits of Membership

  • ·         Subscription to UHM Journal in print or electronic versions
  • ·         Subscription to Pressure newsletter
  • ·         Industry updates: legislative and regulatory affairs
  • ·         Discounts to UHMS CME/MOC/CEU accredited educational opportunities
  • ·         Access to the Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives


Activities of the UHMS

  • ·         Monitoring regulatory changes for reimbursement of hyperbaric oxygen therapy services (United States and International)
  • ·         Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Hyperbaric Medicine
  • ·         Development of credentialing criteria for the physician practice of UHM
  • ·         Accreditation of hyperbaric chamber facilities
  • ·         Development of chamber operational guidelines
  • ·         Increasing availability of online educational opportunities
  • ·         Annual live educational opportunities, such as: our Scientific, Chapter and various courses.
  • ·         Advocacy of high professional standards of practice
  • ·         Representation to federal, state and local agencies on matters related to efficacy, standards of care, reimbursement and other issues important to our practice
  • ·         Collaborating with professional stakeholders
  • ·         Development of evidence-based indications
  • ·         Development of Hyperbaric & Wound Care Facility Accreditation standards


If you decide to join, we have an opt-in feature for auto-renewal to assist members with avoiding lapses. If you subscribe to this feature, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on your membership fees.

UHMS is working to support matters vital to our specialty. Please consider supporting UHMS through membership as we work for you.