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Beachside attitude, Big city excitement

With near perfect weather year-round, 70 miles of spectacular coastline, world-class attractions and a thriving urban core, complete with a sophisticated art, dining and nightlife scene, San Diego has earned the name California’s beach city. Average temperatures of 72 degrees, San Diego is a year-round outdoor playground.  Check the weather now: https://www.sandiego.org/plan/weather.aspx

Explore San Diego’s diverse coastal, urban and inland neighborhoods, each with its own flavor. Don’t miss sampling the areas signature Cali Baja cuisine or tasting one of the hundreds of craft beers and wines bottled in the region.  

After a day at the beach or other outdoor adventure, head to the party downtown at one of the sizzling nightclubs or rooftop bars. If art and culture is your passion, you’ll find an exciting hub of creativity in San Diego. Often referred to as the “Smithsonian of the West,” Balboa Park features 17 museums, numerous galleries and performing arts venues as well as the San Diego Zoo.   

It’s hard to find a better destination for families. Whether you love engaging with animals or thrill rides, building sandcastles or beach bonfires, there’s plenty to entertain the entire family from sun up to sun down.  

Happiness is calling from San Diego, it’s time to answer the call and start planning your vacation now.  VIDEO ABOUT SAN DIEGO

: NOT TO BE MISSED!  San Diego is packed with great things to see and do including these top theme parks and attractions.

ROB MACHADOSURF-SCENE SPECIALIST.  Australian-born, California-raised, pro surfer Rob Machado has spent most of his life atop a surfboard. Still one of surfing’s most iconic and beloved figures, he never strays too far from his favorite San Diego swells.

SUMMER IN BALBOA PARKTHE CULTURAL HEART OF SAN DIEGO.  Summer is a time to relax, explore and enjoy – and there’s no better place to perfect the art of summer than in Balboa Park. From evening concerts to extended museum hours to food truck feasts to gardens and picnics and more, Balboa Park is the destination for summer fun – all day and into the night.

MEDITATION & SELF-REALIZATIONA QUEST FOR THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF LIFE.  San Diego's natural beauty always seems to spark a quest for the spiritual side of life in people.

DOWNTOWN AFTER SUNDOWNSAN DIEGO NIGHTLIFE - THE HOTTEST PARTY ON THE WEST COAST.  Follow the music to San Diego, where the nightlife is one of the most buzzing scenes on the West Coast. The nightclubs are bumping with world-class DJs, the craft cocktails are true works of art and dance floors are filled with people soaking up the bright vibes of San Diego after sundown. It all starts in the Gaslamp Quarter - 16 blocks with 180 restaurants, 50 bars and 10 nightclubs - but the good times are rolling throughout the city, from sunset to sunrise and back again. Party on, San Diego.

LAKE JENNINGS IN SAN DIEGO'S EAST COUNTYFISHING, BOATING, CAMPING, PICNICKING, HIKING & MORE!  Lake Jennings is an East County recreation gem with family activities to keep your whole crew entertained.

MAKE A SPLASH ON SAN DIEGO BAYSAN DIEGO OFFERS PLENTY OF HARBOR ADVENTURES.  From harbor excursions, America’s Cup yacht tours and thrilling jet boat rides to soaring seaplane rides and more, unique and entertaining adventures on the bay await. Get information about cruises sailing out of San Diego's Big Bay.

EXPERIENCE SAN DIEGO ART WITH A SELF-GUIDED TOUREIGHT WALKABLE ITINERARIES RICH IN COLORS, FLAVORS AND SOUNDS: San Diego has an energetic art scene with a diverse range of influences — from our Spanish and Mexican roots, to our long tradition of seafaring, through current strengths in science and technology. You can fill an afternoon or an entire day touring the creativity in these artistic zones.

FAVORITE MEXICAN RESTAURANTS IN SAN DIEGOFIESTA FLAVORS!  Given our proximity to the border, it's only natural that San Diego's the place for fantastic Mexican cooking. Find a list of local favorites here!

CYCLING ALONG SAN DIEGO BAYFROM THE GASLAMP TO HISTORIC LIBERTY STATION.  The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition's recommended route incorporates almost six miles one way of flat, scenic bike paths along the northeast corner of San Diego Bay. With the exception of one short section and the easy going roads of Liberty Station, this bike route is vehicle free.

AWESOME EAST COUNTYTWO SENSATIONAL DAY TRIP ITINERARIES.  We've planned two fun-filled days for you and your family to discover San Diego's East County, whether you want to shop, eat apple pie, hike a mountain or play the slots.

10 KILLER TACO JOINTSTHE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF SAN DIEGO'S CALI-BAJA CUISINE.  New Orleans has po'boys, Chicago loves its pizza, Philly takes pride in its cheese steaks, and San Diego, well here, it's all about tacos—a nod to the city's beach lifestyle and Baja neighbors.

SAN DIEGO'S GOLF RECOGNITIONSRATINGS ON SAN DIEGO COURSES, RESORTS AND INSTRUCTORS.  Here is a list of media recognitions from across the country rating San Diego’s golf courses, resorts and instructors as “tops” in the industry.

MOUNTAIN BIKING IN SAN DIEGOFROM THE COASTLINE TO THE INLAND MOUNTAINS.  Mountain biking in San Diego is a celebration of the senses: the sharp tang of sea air, the warm gust of an afternoon breeze, the jitter and bump of a rocky single track, the nurturing patter of a mountain waterfall, the refreshing splash of mud after tearing through a puddle.

SAN DIEGO'S GOLF LEGENDSCASPER, LITTLER, MICKELSON, RODGERS AND SIMPSON.  The San Diego region has cultivated many world-famous, award-winning athletes in a variety of different sports including baseball and golf is no exception

LIBERTY STATION: Liberty Station provides a portal to the past, an experience for the present, and a promise for the future. As they become San Diego’s Town Square, they invite their guests to collect memories—and enjoy their community.

YOUR GUIDE TO SAN DIEGO'S FAMOUS 'TOP GUN' SITES: It’s only took three decades, but “Top Gun: Maverick” – the sequel to that ‘80s movie megahit “Top Gun” — finally hit theaters on May 27. And if you’re a fan of the franchise and its deep San Diego links, you’ll feel a need to speed to these local sites that loom large in the original movie’s legend. 

FOR MORE GO TO: https://www.sandiego.org/articles.aspx

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